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Dance classes in Santa Monica are currently cancelled due to Corona Virus. The studio closed in March 2020. 


Benedicte Schoyen has years of experience working with dance both as a performer, choreographer and teacher. When first moving to Los Angeles she worked as a freelance dancer while also teaching at MoroLandis Studio (now Millennium) and at Debbie Reynolds Studio. In 1995 she opened up her own studio; Santa Monica Dance Studio at the Third Street Promenade. Three years later she moved the studio to Arizona Avenue and expanded into 4 studios. She had over 25 teachers working there at times and it was an attractive location for casting and rehearsals.

In 2007 Benedicte downsized her business into a location on Pico Blvd and kept it running until she closed it down in 2020.

Her teaching credits among many, include assistant professor at UCLA, Musical Theater Program (2001-2011) 







I opened up the dance studio when I was 30 years old and I worked seven days a week to get the business off the ground. It was before internet and I didn't even have a computer. I used a typewrite and passed out hundredes of fliers. It was an exciting time but a lot of hard work. I was single and decided to get my self a little yellow labrador puppy I named Lucky. She was the studio dog for 13 years and I'm not sure how many ballet slippers she killed during that time. Lots of good times and I'm grateful to have worked with so many great people and making friends for life.   

It was sad to let go of the studio but with rent in Santa Monica going up up up, it was kind of a relief to close the doors when I had to. However dance will always be a huge part of my life and my heart is filled with lovely memories from those days. It was perfect for me to be able to start teaching on zoom when I moved to Ojai, it's a great way to see my old students and I welcome anyone new. 

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